Political Strategic Board (PSB)

The members of the Political Strategic Board are

Political Strategic Board (PSB)

Regional Political Support for eHealth

The Political Strategic Board (PSB) was formed in November 2005 as support of the project “eHealth for Regions”. This board consists of representatives of the highest regional political level of the partner regions. In May 2007 they signed a network agreement to strengthen the cooperation in the health care sector by supporting the network, offering strategic advice and fostering the joint implementation of eHealth for the benefit of the citizens.

The tasks of the PSB are

  • to decide on strategic guidelines for the development of the network.
  • to promote the work of the eHealth for Regions network.
  • to support eHealth for Regions activities at political level.
  • to foster the development and implementation of eHealth applications and services in the Baltic Sea Region.
  • to inform the network on important eHealth issues in the partner countries.