Latvia: Healthcare system and eHealth strategy

Basic Data

• 64 589 square km
• 1.98 million inhabitants
• 30.9 inhabitants per square km
• centralised health care system


Healthcare system

The Healthcare system is financed by general taxation. Public financing covers 55 % of total health expenditure. Patient fees are introduced for visits to general practitioner, specialists. Patient has to pay fee also in secondary care based on the number of bed days in hospital. Patient co-payments are introduced also for expensive investigations and operations. General practitioner is a gatekeeper to specialist care. Direct visit to specialist without GP referral has to be covered by patient.

Healthcare organization

State level. 5 Regional offices are responsible for contracting GP practices (primary care professionals).

Healthcare insurance system

The discussions on introduction of healthcare insurance are going to increase health care budget through health insurance contributions, paid by insured persons

Number of general practitioners, dentists and hospitals

Number of general practitioners -1348 (average 1578 patients per practice).

National Health Service has contracts with 42 institutions regarding hospital care

eHealth services already used

National eHealth project has to be introduced from 1 December 2016