Important areas in need of development


Connectivity regarding email communication and information search on the web is, at least when seen from the perspective of European institutions, very good. However, since the Internet is regarded as posing dangers from with viruses and other aggressive phenomena, every local network is protected by a firewall that limits possibilities for communication. This means that in order to promote beneficial communication, apart from email and information search on the web, traversing firewalls is of great importance. Technologies for this exist in the marketplace - for example firewall transversal standards for videoconferencing - but they are not often implemented. Access to services in local networks through firewalls for securely authenticated and authorised persons is, for example, crucial for transnational cooperation between health care providers or eHealth service providers. This is currently accomplished by means of special improvised solutions. General solutions that do not compromise security and that do not need a complicated implementation procedure for each new form of cooperation are therefore urgently needed. The ultimate goal is that every application in a local network is protected so that firewalls become unnecessary. This will, however, probably take long time and meanwhile we have to work with solutions for firewall transversal. 

eHealth solutions may require specifications in the connection which cannot normally be guaranteed when using a general Internet operator. Transferring big files from CT, MRI or PET will require good bandwidth across the whole connection, all the way from transmitter to receiver. In certain applications it may be critical that a certain period of up-time is required. Real-time applications like voice, video or robot actions over the net need certain standards on packet loss and delay. To avoid thresholds for development of transnational eHealth solutions, it will be necessary to create a dedicated European health net where all requirements can easily be ordered for respective eHealth application.